OurQFace TMAutomatic Video Production Software

OurQFace TM     Automatic Video Production Software is based on our patented key technology. User will only need to provide several inputs (e.g. music and/or song) and within seconds, his personalised video will be created for him! This is especially useful for creating fun-filled or musical video.

Difference from Other Software
While there are other Automatic Video Production software currently in the market, our software is different in the items that are being automated.

Please search the Internet for more information.

Vision for our Software
Our Automatic Video Production Software will provide a platform for individuals, free-lancers, as well as other companies and organisations to produce creative video contents which they can own and sell for profits.

We feel that this work of producing creative video contents is especially suitable for the physically-challenged people: it is a desk-bound job which they can work at home. As such, we will aim to partner with the relevent welfare organisations to introduce the work to the physically-challenged people.