Our History

In 2001 when property prices were low, Gemini Info Pte Ltd was incorporated for venture into property investment. Shortly after that, the company also started to acquire and hold intellectual properties (copy-rights, patents and software) for passive income.

Since incorporated in 2001, the company has grown to exceed quarter million paid-up capital as at Feb 2015, owning both real and intellectual properties worth much more than the paid-up capital.

Overall, the company is well-managed and asset rich with positive cash holding and low overhead. The company has launched the     http://www.ourqface.com/     web-site for the OurQFace TM Automatic Video Production software to meet the market-demand, based on a patented key technology in Automatic Video Production. We will focus on growing this market in the next few years.

Big Exciting Market Ahead
A typical video can reach gigabytes, consisting thousands of image frames and its sychronised audio. Manual video editing has always been tedious. There are indeed a lot of items that needs to be automated in video production. Strong market demand has led to the success of at least one "Automatic Video Production" company in Singapore ( Please search the Internet ). There are also other successful electronic e-Card video companies in the US ( Please search the Internet ). The company is confident to be equally, if not more, successful.